Roo teruggevonden in Virginia

Last April, my son and his girlfriend were visiting us and brought their dog Roo, a Great Pyrenees/Labrador mix. They went fishing in our pond and took Roo (unleashed) as she knows the area and always stays with them. This time Roo spotted a deer and went after her. Within a minute she was gone and of course we looked for her all afternoon until late evening but without result. We continued the search at 6 in the morning and by 11 oçlock we were so desparate that we decided to call Leoniek in Holland (I hoped she could do something). After seeing Roo’s picture she told us that Roo was walking near a lake. She saw a fence surrounded area and what looked like an entrance gate. She asked me if I knew of such a place not too far from our house and I remembered that we have a country club over at the other side of the hill and that there is a big pond/lake. Leoniek told us to go there but she also told us that it would not surprise her if Roo would not recognize us or if she would run from us because she was in a state of panic. We went there and saw and called her but she was scared and ran away. We tried and tried but could not catch her. When later that day my husband came home from work and drove by there, he saw her lying all curled up in the rain. He approached her very carefully and she came down to him after being lost for 30 hours. We would not have found her without Leoniek’s help and are still so very thankful.



Marian Sempeles, state of Virginia, USA


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